Practicing Place – Socio-Cultural Practices and Epistemic Configurations

Statement of Solidarity

We stand in solidarity with the members of our Eichstätt community who were subjected to a racist hate crime in the center of the city on Monday the 20th of May. In a time of rising discrimination, solidarity cannot be a gesture but must rather be an everyday practice. It is vital to resist the normalisation of racism and xenophobia in all forms across society, from party political rhetoric to daily interactions on the street.


About the Research Training Group

The interdisciplinary Research Training Group 2589 “Practicing Place: Socio-Cultural Practices and Epistemic Configurations” is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and located at the KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. We research the intersections, tensions, and dynamics of place and practice. Every practice is shaped by given places, while it at the same time also designs and produces new places in a performative, ongoing process. Seen this way, places can never be conceived of as singular static entities, in the sense of ‘Heimat’ or a closed life-world; rather, places have to be thought of in terms of a dynamic, multifaceted, dialogical, often controversial, affective, and especially participatory system of relations, informed by aspects of performance, construction, perception, production, experience, recognition, and inscription. Our goal is to unpick the ‘how’ of places in relation to the situatedness of any and all practices.

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Outside Office Building Practicing Place
Outside in front of the offices of “Practicing Place”


Rob Shields: On Urban, Virtual and the Household

Rob Shields is Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Endowed Research Chair at University of Alberta, Canada. In June 2022, he joined us in Eichstätt as a Mercator fellow. During this time, he shared his current research on Practical Aesthesis. Our fellow Shruti Malik also had the opportunity to record a podcast episode with Robert Shields. […]

“Leisurely Gentrification?” Lecture & Workshop with Maria Sulimma (University of Freiburg), May 2-3

On May 2, we had the pleasure to welcome Jun.-Professor Maria Sulimma for a guest lecture on “Leisurely Gentrification? Conflictual Places and Practices in Contemporary Fiction” at the KU. Jun.-Prof. Sulimma is an American Studies scholar working in the intersecting areas of literary and cultural studies, urban studies, and feminist media studies. Currently, she is […]

Out now: Videos of our final conference “Practices of Imagination – Placings of Imaginaries”

Recordings from our final conference “Practices of Imagination – Placings of Imaginaries” are now available on our YouTube channel. The conference was held February 7-10, 2024 in Eichstätt.  Click here to find a recording of the keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Hannes Krämer titled “The Borders of Tomorrow: Imagining the Futures of Europe’s Margins,” our […]