Episode 01/S2: Archeology as Practicing Place

In this episode of Thereabouts: The Practicing Place Podcast, Ph.D. fellow Moritz Wischert-Zielke engages in an interdisciplinary conversation with Kilian Vief, an aspiring student of archeology. The discussion focuses on the excavation site as a practiced place whereas the two examine aspects spanning from shoveling dirt and the role of findings to controlled destructions, lost […]

Bonus Episode: “Movement, Migration, and the Arts”

In the episode, Practicing Place PhD fellow Gustavo is joined by professor Juan Ricardo Aparicio (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) to talk about the project “Movement, Migration, and the Arts”. Bringing together classes from Colombia and Germany (Bad College, Berlin), the term ended with an art installation, “Borders, Migrations, Refugees”. The discussion addresses the intercultural […]

Episode 4: Moving through the City

In this episode, host and Ph.D. fellow Shruti Malik addresses a peculiar practice of moving through the city, walking through the city in the form of guided walking tours. She interviews famous historian, author, filmmaker and walk leader Sohail Hashmi to talk about how walking together in a group makes places and is a means […]

Episode 3: Watching Movement from Above

In this episode, your host, PhD fellow David Kempf, takes on the beautiful game. Joined by his guest, sports-scientist and sociologist Kristina Brümmer – currently a visiting professor at Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main – they tackle the proliferation of video analysis as a practice in professional football, questioning the perspectives of ‘Watching Movement from […]

Episode 2: Social Movements

Join your hosts for this episode, Sabine Aretz and Gustavo Gutierrez who will tackle the theme of “Where social movements take place”. In the first section, Gustavo talks to Daniela Gutierrez, a Ph.D. Student and researcher at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, about the practices of the social movements and protests practices that took […]

Episode 1: Moving and Academic Labour

The first episode of Thereabouts: The Practicing Place Podcast sets us on the track for this season’s topic ‘Moving’. Your hosts for this episode, Sarah Earnshaw and Fabian Ebeling, take a look a little closer to home by discussing moving as an academic practice. Moving around for work is not particular to the university, but […]