Episode 01/S1: Moving and Academic Labour

The first episode of Thereabouts: The Practicing Place Podcast sets us on the track for this season’s topic ‘Moving’. Your hosts for this episode, Sarah Earnshaw and Fabian Ebeling, take a look a little closer to home by discussing moving as an academic practice. Moving around for work is not particular to the university, but in this episode we hope to shed some light on the specificities and consequences of this mobility. We are joined by two guests. In our first interview, we chat to the speaker of our research group Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schmidt, who takes us deeper into the details of the project as well as placing us in Eichstätt. We were then delighted to speak to Dr. Amrei Bahr (@AmreiBahr), a junior professor in Dusseldorf and one of the co-instigators of the #ichbinhannah movement to discuss moving and precarity in academic labour.

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